Why do Most Men like Escorts from Sydney?

Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is the ultimate playground for gentlemen seeking fun and entertainment. Whether you are a local or here on business, Sydney’s unbelievable harbour and nightlife are sure to impress.

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Here we explain some of the top reasons why men go to female escorts. Not a car or expensive items. Some will not surprise you at all but some of the reasons might surprise you a little bit. The fact is that there are a lot of men up and down the country who use escort girls from Sydney for adult activities so there would be some reason why they do it.

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Let’s examine some of the possible causes, why men go for escort services:

1. Not getting enough sex from their girl
Some men don’t get as much sex as they desire from their partner as compared to what other men get from their partners. To fulfil their lust and need for sex they hire services of female escorts.

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2. Desire to enjoy sex with different women
It's not like that they don't have sex with their lover or Life partner(wife), or that they don't get excited about having sex with their wife. Some men are very happy with their partners for many years but there are men who feel the urge to sleep with multiple women and it is very easy to use an escort service to satisfy that urge.

3. Don’t want to take the responsibility of a girlfriend
Some men want to avoid getting emotionally attached to a girl neither do they want to financially support their partner for their lifetime. They don't want to take any kind of responsibilities or get in a long-term association. To them, it's best to have a relationship with an escort without any long-term responsibility, commitment or emotional attachment.

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4. Desire to enjoy with a younger woman
Some men psychologically fear old age and in order to feel young and to enjoy the company of younger girls they use Sydney escorts, by doing so, they feel younger, full of life and forget that they are getting old.

5. Curiosity
Some men know that their mates are using high-class escorts services so they get curious, and they also want to try it out themselves. Generally, if you go on a stag weekend party and all your mates get a girl, it's likely that you would want to get one too.

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If you want to make your stay in Sydney a memorable experience and are looking for a different kind of indulgence, then Bedroomeyes Escorts is the perfect choice for you. Their Sydney escorts are beautiful, sensual and ready to make your wildest dreams come true with an out of this world experience that you will never forget. 

3 Ways Sydney Escorts are better than Your Girlfriend

Deadlines, mentally taxing tasks, and uncooperative senior management are some of the common causes that modern workplaces are full of all kinds of worry.
In such a culture, it is the most natural thing in the world to want to spend quality time with a person with whom can engage in conversation and have some fun.
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This could be going out on a movie with your best friends, relaxing in a tub with your spouse, hanging out at a bar, or—if you are a straight man—enjoy the company of a beautiful and intelligent woman. The last option isn’t feasible for many men; especially those who are successful and introvert.
Relationships take time to develop.This is as true in Sydney as it is in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. Thankfully, alternatives exist.
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Sydney Escorts can be your favourite pastime if you are seeking female company without any emotional baggage, and without wasting your time in chase. Here are three more benefits of choosing a Sydney escort over getting a girlfriend.
  • Fetish. Men have obsessions, and it is not common for a woman to be just as interested in the fetish as her partner. Not everyone wants to dress as a French maid or a lusty secretary. Escorts are expert at the art of changing the role you want. That means you can live out your fetish without straining your relationship.
  • No Drama. Your Sydney escort does not call you at night and scream at you for doing something you don’t even remember. That means you can have all the privileges of having a woman by your side minus all the drama that usually accompanies male-female relationships.
  • Safety. Your girlfriend may be sleeping out with other men and doing unprotected love-making. That increases the risk of a sexually transmitted disease being passed on to you. Sydney Escorts are a safer bet. Their line of work requires them to stick to the highest safety standards.
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You are safe from STDs, you can live your fetish, and there is no drama involved. Those are the top three benefits of hiring a Sydney escort over getting a girlfriend.

3 Reasons Melbourne Escorts are Ideal for Men with a Taste for the Finest in Life

Melbourne Escorts are ideal companions for men seeking the finest in life. A high-class escort from the city is perfect for gentlemen looking for a casual partner who is elegance manifested to boot.

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Australian men of all ages seek emotional and physical intimacy with female companions of high class. The desire is particularly strong among successful men. They have little or no time for traditional courtship. Tourists to Australia are another large demographic who seek companionship away from their home.

And guess what? Both groups cite Melbourne escorts as their favorite high-class female partners. The reasons are many.

Online Dating is Exhausting:
Even with the best intentions and favorite chances, online dating can consume anywhere from a few weeks to months before a female partner turns up. In contract, a contact with BedroomEyes Escorts can get you a female partner in less than few hours. Melbourne escorts are ideal if you have an evening to spare and are looking for an educated, classy partner to accompany you. 

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Melbourne Escorts are not Discriminatory:
The dating game is tough. You not only have to have a large sum of money, but you have to be presentable and have to be able to talk witty. Melbourne escorts don’t put on such demands from their clients. They will accept almost any client who doesn’t threaten their safety.

Carnal Fantasies:
Melbourne escorts are educated women who are not afraid to try out a few fantasies you may have. You can share any of your carnal dreams with her and she will try her best to fulfill it.

You will love meeting with Melbourne escorts if you are seeking a passionate, devoted, and committed partner who will be willing to be physically intimate with you.

Tips for Those Trying Out Adult Services in Melbourne the First Time

The presence of so many adult services in Melbourne makes the city’s nightlife an attraction for foreigners as well as Australians from other parts of the country. While locals and long-timers appreciate the experiences Melbourne has to offer, those new to the city can easily grow anxious on seeing an escort for the first time. This article is written for the men falling in the latter group: Too eager to try out adult services in Melbourne but too nervous to take the first steps.

Tips to Overcome Anxiety before the Arrival of Your Escort

Most Melbourne escorts prefer to meet their clients at Metropolitan hotels where the rooms are already clean. So there will not be much to do expect double-check the towels are washed, your mouth doesn’t stink, and everything is clean as if it was your first date.

Tips to Overcome Anxiety after the Arrival of Your Escort Pay Her Fee

It’s considered rude to kiss or grab your guest immediately after her arrival. Be restrained. Treat her like a guest. Hand in her fee as soon as possible. Most adult services providers in Melbourne prefer envelopes of cash.

Accept the Standard Procedures

If she wants to make a call to her driver to report her well-being, let it be. It’s a standard practice to ensure the woman’s safety.
Your escort may perform a health check on you. This sounds awkward, but it is part of the standard hygiene and health check for her and your protection. She may ask you to shower. Don’t take that personally. It’s a standard procedure to make the both of you fresh.

Start with Kissing

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Even though Australia is an open society by most standards, it is still not normal here to get intimate with someone you have just met. The experience is going to be interesting for you. Even if you are nervous, starting out with kissing and foreplay is the safest way. You can follow her lead after, then.

Finish Up Gently

Even experienced guys are a little down at a booking’s end. Imagine the emotional situation of a man experiencing adult services in Melbourne for the first time. It will be difficult to restrain yourself, but that’s the correct way. Behave like a gentleman, kiss her, cuddle, and let her go. Remember, the best thing you will take away from this is memories.

Bedroom Eyes Escorts is among a top-rated adult services agency in Melbourne. Contact for superior services, provided discreetly.

Four Reasons Men Hire Our Perth Escorts

Ask your friends if they have ever hired an escort, you’d be surprised with the answer. More than seven percent of men admit to paying for sleeping with women at least once in their life. It is increasingly becoming a way to relax in our stressful lives where we work harder than our parents. This week Bedroomy Escorts spoke to five men who are frequent users of its services and asked them why they loved our Perth escorts. Here are the responses we received.

“Escorts are Excellent Travel Guides.” — Adolfo 

This was the response of a client who doesn’t live in Perth. Adolfo said visiting a new city can be a little daunting.
“Online travel guides can help you navigate your way through the alleys of a strange city but it doesn’t go farther than that,” he says.
Adolfo loves our services because our escorts know Perth inside out. “They can take me to the hottest clubs and the best restaurants. I admire that.”

“I’m too Busy for Love.” — Kyle 

Kyle runs a successful business in Perth. He is into his job full-time and has little time for relationships.
“I come to your agency for companionship,” Kyle says. “It gets lonely from time to time and I seek love and warmth with no strings attached. Full-time relationships are full of hassle.”

“I can indulge my fantasies.” — Alexander 

“I belong to a generation where old people aren’t allowed to fantasize,” says Alexander. “There are things I can’t even think to utter in the presence of my wife. Escorts offer a channel where I can indulge my fantasies.”
Alexander spends a lot of time with our women because they are more open-minded and suit his personal tastes.

“Discretion is admired by those in my position.” — Rance 

Rance serves people from the poorest sections of society. He spends a lot of time with people ready to offer him the companionship of his desires.
”But I don’t do that. I’m supposed to keep my desires in check and fulfill a role without being involved with anyone around me. Bedroomy Escorts helps me.”
The discretion offered by our Perth Escort's is ideal for people in sensitive positions who cannot otherwise live their fantasies.

What is your reason for choosing our Perth escorts? Write to us and we will be happy to hear.